Is contemporary Christianity is way too anthropocentric?

I have to say, I think contemporary Christianity is way too anthropocentric. Some expressions are very individualistic, focussing on the “personal relationship with Jesus” and not much else. Others are more communal, emphasizing the “Kingdom of God” in which, refreshingly, horizontal relationships are affirmed as well. But this still falls short of affirming Jesus as Lord of earth, sky and sea and everything within them. It still falls short of the cosmic focus we find in Hebrews 1 and Colossians 1. Why is this important (when it sounds so esoteric)? Well, not only does it lead to short sightedness in the field of ethics (in terms of sins against God’s creation and God’s creatures) but it devalues the work of people primarily engaged with nature (such as artists and engineers) rather than other people (such as teachers and social workers). No wonder so many artists and creative types feel more affinity with occulture than contemporary church culture, even when considering some of the more missional expressions of it. So, as esoteric as it sounds, I think there is a missional imperative explore cosmic Christology, and it corollary, Christian cosmology more deeply than we have been. This is one of the things I have learned from engaging with alternative spiritualities.

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