Who do archaeologists think built the Kaaba?

muslim-kaaba-meccaSomething had always puzzled me. Why do Muslims consider the Kaaba so sacred when it functioned as a pagan temple before Mohammed conquered Mecca?

So I asked some Muslim friends.

They informed me the Kaaba held the status it did amongst Muslims because (according to their history) it was built by Ibrahim and Ishmael in dedication to Allah. That what Mohammed did was “restore” the Kaaba to its true and original function.

This only raised another question. Is there any archaeological evidence to support the claim that Ibrahim and Ishmael built the Kaaba rather than local pagans? The answers I received weren’t particularly enlightening one way or the other.

So I put that second question to you. I have to say I am sceptical. But I am open to being swayed if there is any solid archaeological evidence that predates Mohammed’s conquest of Mecca.

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