Alpha and Omega

alpha_and_omega_by_il_grande_iulio (2)

“Alpha and Omega” by Il-Grande-Iulio

This symbol is inspired by Revelation 22:13 where Jesus declares, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” I quite like this overlapped design, as it’s also somewhat suggesting of a communion chalice and the Trinity.

2 thoughts on “Alpha and Omega

  1. yeah, so you credited this image to “Il Grande Lulio”?
    a quick google search reveals that that’s… not a thing. It’s not a person, or a book, or anything. I did, however, find this exact same image hosted on a CHINESE malware distribution site (remind me to thoroughly scrub my hard drive in a minute). So, uh, +1 for basic citations I guess. Man, these backwood religious sites are just bastions of quality content.
    Also, I looked around your site and, assuming you somehow set up notifications for this message and saw it, your categories tab is empty. Pro-tip from graphic/web designer; put something in it. I can already see what categories you could use (Art, Scripture content, personal thoughts) ugh I just wish people put effort into bullshit like if you’re gonna bullshit do it all the way you know don’t just leave it out on the street


    1. One Of Several Thousand Religions With The Same Evidence And Confidence In Their Beliefs As Yours says:

      Ah, shit, I just looked again and found the categories poorly hidden underneath a wall of dead space in a god damn drop menu. A drop menu! It’s the only thing on the page! Don’t hide the categories!


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