Keys to the Kabbalah

As I sat down to meditate upon the scriptures last night I was led to Jerimiah 51:15:

He made the earth by his power
He founded the world by his wisdom
And stretched out the heavens by his understanding

What immediately struck me was the correlation to the first three sefirot of the Kabbalah


Keter ~ Crown
Chokmah ~ Wisdom
Binah ~ Understanding


It was a serendipitous moment and Corinthians 1-3 immediately thrust itself upon my consciousness as I made the connection. For the uninitiated it articulates how God’s esoteric power and wisdom are revealled in the weakness and foolishness of the cross. It has now got me wondering if the original Kabbalists drew from this passage when they first articulated the sefiroth of the tree of life. Certainly it reinforces for me how the cross of Christ is the key to Kabbalah and the tarot pathworkings that derive from it.

3 thoughts on “Keys to the Kabbalah

  1. I happened across your website by typing in the crazy combination of Buddhism, Jesus and Kaballa. I am in the process of losing my dualism and embracing the unknowable. Its painful, but I appreciate that I’m not alone.


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