One thought on “Beyond Grasping

  1. By crossing the loop in this way, you can traverse the entire length twice but only go over the territory once by using both sides of it. When only one side of the loop can be used, only the present is accessible. But when it’s crossed, while you are on one side, you are standing on the same part that you’ve already traversed before and will momentarily traverse again. The past and the future are attatched to the present without being purged or displaced by it.
    I love that little loopy thing. It stirs my thoughts…
    I also used it to explain how the Architect (in The Matrix) was able to acquire the reboot he wanted so he could start over, but the Zioners didn’t have to be killed – because human beings cannot be rebooted like software. The Humans could live on and participate in the future, but the Programs could be purged of Smith and started over and have their lives saved too. He could fulfill all that mathematical purpose without all that death…
    It made sense at the time… lol


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