Captivated By Angels

Jenny Reed has advised that her article Captivated By Angels has finally been published by the Baptist Union and you can now download it from their Evangelism Research Papers webpage.

"Caroline came for her appointment with her pastor. She was concerned about her flatmate Annabelle. Annabelle regularly used Healing with the angels: Oracle cards to connect with the spiritual realm, communicating with angels to help her deal with life and to guide her. Caroline was seeking understanding and advice…."

I recommend this paper to anyone who is interested in postmodern evangelism and apologetics amongst do-it-yourself spirituality seekers – and anyone who ministers to youth or women in particular.

For a bit of context: The Baptist Evangelism and Church Development Taskforce commissions research papers into emerging opportunities for evangelism. Jenny has been studying under Mike Frost (co-author of The Shaping of Things to Come) at Morling College and was selected to write up the article for this year. When she's not wearing this or her other hats Jenny helps me out by co-leading the Anything Goes group.

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