The Spirit Poured Out on All Flesh

amos-yong-spiritWell my mind was a bit frazzled yesterday after suffering from some heat exhaustion (seriously, I crashed out) but I’m getting stuck into Amos Yong’s “The Spirit Poured Out on All Flesh” today.

For my Christian readers – you really need to read this guy. Amos is tackling issues such as how we can articulate the gospel cross culturally, how can we learn from other religions, and how we can engage constructively with post/late modernity without being swamped by relativism.

There’s some really meaty stuff in this, his latest book, but I’m particularly looking into his explorations of the triadic semiotics of Charles Peirce in relation to pneumatology. I won’t explain it all here (I mean, he takes a whole chapter to do this himself) but I do want to flag that that triadic semiotics holds out some tantilizing possibilities for articulating ways of looking at the world which transcend the traditional mind-body, subject-object dualisms of traditional western thought.

In the process I of pursuing some threads online I came across an older, related article by Amos Yong: On Divine Presence and Divine Agency. It’s wordy, but if you stick with it its worth it you’ll find some interesting hints of his current directions.

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