The Devil Has Left The Building

church-demonJohn Smulo, a personal friend and fellow Community of Hope co-conspirator, has now formally announced he’s leaving his job as head of the School of Apologetics at Morling Collage, Sydney, and is heading back to northern California to plant a church after the 13th of January 2006.

To provide a bit of context for my readers outside of Sydney, John works alongside Mike Frost at the collage, has written widely on contextualising the Christian message for Satanists (i.e. the real ones rather than the fictitious characters of Christian Urban Legend and Deliverance Ministry imaginings) and generally goes for the Anton LeVey look (or at least we think so). You’ll find some of his writings at Sacred Tribes. You folks in America don’t know what a terrific guy you’re getting. All the best John.

2 thoughts on “The Devil Has Left The Building

  1. John is relocating to the greater Sacramento area in northern California. At this this Yank does appreciate that Australia’s loss in his relocation is America’s gain. I am looking forward to John’s pastoral and missional efforts that will be a blessing to the people of the area, and the opportunity to work ore closely with John in church and missional efforts to new religions.


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