Interview with Ole Skjerbaek Madsen

Ole_skjerbaek_madsen I thought I would draw attention here to a recent interview between John Morehead and Ole Skjerbaek Madsen on missional engagement with New Spiritualities in Denmark.

Ole Skjerbaek Madsen is a Luthern pastor and scholar serving in Denmark. Since the late 1980s he has been involved in third place ministries amongst New Spirituality seekers, and if its possible, has gone even further into engaging with tarot based spirituality than us in Sydney. Ole has also done some very interesting work with meditation and writes:

“I have found guided meditations on the life of Jesus as good ways of communicating the gospel in a experiential way which does not taste of dogmatism even if sound doctrine is presented this way”

Both John and Ole have been members of the Thin Places forum I host but Ole, given the langauage barriers, is not so well known in the English speaking world. Here’s a chance to check out what he’s been up to. See the rest of the interview at Morehead Musings.

Ole’s site,  I Mesterens Lys (In his Master’s Light) is here for those who want to check that out too but you’ll need to translate using babelfish.

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