Missional Pneumatology (continued)

I may be more of a practitioner than a theologian, but if there’s one word I’d have for the emerging church it is this: missional pneumatology is a line of theological enquiry that Christians can ill afford to ignore in a context where religions of immanence are all the rage. The need for Christians to speak simply about Christ should not preclude us from thinking deeply about the Spirit.

If I could reframe the “Jesus is Lord” message of Romans 10:9 to the more contemporary challenge that “Jesus changes everything,” I would have to follow that up with a comment that “this everything includes our understanding of the Spirit. And of energy, chi and prana for that matter.”

It is my hope that Christians can learn to speak of the Spirit we have come to know more intimately through Jesus in ways that make sense and connect with what people already know of the Spirit from their everyday experiences and their interactions with world religions and irreligious spiritualities.

3 thoughts on “Missional Pneumatology (continued)

  1. Matt this is a passion of mine- and I find that speaking first of the Spirit and then introducing the Spirit in relation to Christ is a very helpful way of engaging with folk.
    Not only do we need to be able to speak simply about Christ, but also simpy about the Spirit, in whom we live and move and have our being….if we are in Christ- yes mystery but also simple wonder… relationship is so important…yup you’ve done it again, I feel a post coming on!!!


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