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I have been listening to Third Day this week and I think they’re beginning to grow on me. I don’t listen to many Christian artists. I tend to listen to artists on the strength of the music, not the depth of their theology, so only bands capable of secular crossover tend to make my collection. What’s your thoughts on that?

12 thoughts on “Christian Music

  1. yo, cross-linked via mine blog whihc you found vie tallskinnykiwi etc.
    I agree with you about music. In fact I’d apply the same to all art. Art for me has to stand on its own two feet. Bad art doesn’t get good just becasue it has a message I agree with. If the message is the art’s only good feature then ditch the art bit and just speak the message. Good art can still have a crap message for me. Although ideally I like to see the two things combined.


  2. I agree…only I’d say that I think most Christian bands have pretty shallow theology, I get far more out of a lot of ‘secular’ stuff.
    Third Day are one of the very few Christian bands that I like. If you watch Christian music videos (as I tend to do a LOT overseas b/c of where I’m working!) you’ll notice that they seem far more comfortable with who they are than most…the way they dress, film their clips etc just suggests a group of men that know who they are, and aren’t trying to pretend their 10 years younger, or cooler, or whatever. Oh, and their lyrics are more theologically-sophisticated than most.
    I also quite like Jars of Clay.


  3. I listen to all kinds of music. Pick the meat and leave the bones. Alot of Christian music is too insipid for my taste and conjures up a middle class sort of boogey on boringly for Jesus sound. Alot of christian musos sorta seem to go round in a circle of same old same old and avoid addressing pertinent real issues.
    I like some traditional Christian stuff as well as new stuff. Why limit the scope of music. Music is a medium It is narrative of our times and times past… It tells many stories. Punk i used to like – still quite enjoy the odd blast of johnny rotten (tho he has gone mainstream now but of cse ahaha)
    NB An interesting group is Christafari (identifying themselves as serving Jesus alone and believing He is Lord/Messiah as opposed to Haile Selassie etc as in Rastafari belief)
    See link at end for sample of one of their songs


  4. i hear ya. not a fan of Christian music unless it’s good, and usually if it’s good they cross over. however, i have found some bands such as David Crowder creative enough to purchase their albums…


  5. Just for the record, some of the secular bands I enjoy include Tool, Metallica, Foo Fighters, Audioslave, Offspring, Puddle of Mudd… Yes, I tend towards the harder end of the rock spectrum. I also spice it up with dance music or world music … or chill out with classical or ambient, depending on my mood. And of course, as a gen X dude, I love 80s music. I play the guitar and djembe too when I get time to myself. That paints a bit of a picture. Given that picture you’d maybe understand why I am a bit cynical of some of what is labelled “contemporary” Christian music in some Christian circles. It just plain bores me, or worse, makes me cringe. I have musical diabetes – I avoid saccharine.


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