Living on a Prayer

Sometimes, like most of us, I experience spiritual dryness and difficulties in my prayer life.

One book I have been finding helpful has been Don Carson’s, “A Call to Spiritual Reformation: Priorities from Paul and his Prayers.” In it Carson lays a biblical framework for prayer through exploring the prayers of the apostle Paul. Solid stuff. Some good practical tips too. Just a simple one is this,

“…you can do many things to stamp out daydreaming, to stifle reveries. One of the most useful things is to vocalize your prayers. This does not mean they have to be so load that they become a distraction to others, or worse, a kind of pios showing off. It simply means you articulate your prayers, moving your lips perhaps; the energy devoted to expressing your thoughts in words and sentances will order and discipline your mind, and help deter meandering.”

And it works. When I am overtired and stressed, as I am at the moment, my mind frequently wanders and I find it hard to focus in prayer. Simple verbalising, even at inaudible levels, helps bring the focus back.

How about you? Do you every experience distractions in prayer? What do you find helps you to focus?

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