Christians for Science

I am not sure if its a case of selective hearing or just bad press but there seems to be a profound lack of awareness amongst non-Christians as to how many Christians actually support open scientific enquiry.

For example, Sean the Blognaught recently asked, “One thing I did wonder is who do you know on the religious side who is openly fighting for science? The most prominent I can think of is Kenneth Miller”

Now, let me see, how about…

The current head of the Catholic Church – “Pope Benedict XVI said the debate raging in some countries — particularly the United States and his native Germany — between creationism and evolution was an ‘absurdity,’ saying that evolution can coexist with faith.”

The current head of the Anglican church – “My worry is creationism can end up reducing the doctrine of creation rather than enhancing it.”

And if you want an evangelical authority, even Billy Graham has expressed openness, or at least indifference, to the creation and evolution question. For example, “I don’t think that there’s any conflict at all between science today and the scriptures. I think that we have misinterpreted the Scriptures many times and we’ve tried to make the Scriptures say things they weren’t meant to say, I think that we have made a mistake by thinking the Bible is a scientific book. The Bible is not a book of science. The Bible is a book of Redemption, and of course I accept the Creation story. I believe that God did create the universe. I believe that God created man, and whether it came by an evolutionary process and at a certain point He took this person or being and made him a living soul or not, does not change the fact that God did create man. … whichever way God did it makes no difference as to what man is and man’s relationship to God.” (Billy Graham: Personal Thoughts of a Public Man, 1997. p. 72-74)

Like Benedict I also believe the debate is an absurdity. Most days I don’t even consider it worth commenting on. If I don’t fight for science it’s because I see no fight.

2 thoughts on “Christians for Science

  1. To meet a wide selection of Australian Christians working in Science, get along to ISCAST in September. This year’s celebrates the 150-year anniversary of On The Origin of Species.
    COSAC 2009: Christianity and the Origin of the Species. (70th Biennial Conference on Science and Christianity.)
    Keynote Speaker: Prof. Simon Conway Morris, Prof. of Evolutionary Paleobiology, Cambridge University. F.R.S.
    Geelong Conference Centre, Melbourne, 18-20 September 2009.
    See for details and registration.
    I was there two years ago when Alister McGrath was the guest speaker. I think the mode of the attenders would have been an Anglican Physicist, but biologists and ecologists weren’t far behind in representation. For me the highlight was a trip with one of the geologists to Anglesea beach, an important site for dating geological time periods.


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