candlesComing up on October 31 we’ll be running an alternative worship service at Pendle Hill Baptist to give thanks for the dead.

Aligning with All Saint’s Eve it will be a time to reflect on lost loved ones and the faithful who have gone before us and impacted on us. Second year we’ve done it, last time it was very sad, joyful, humbling and moving.

We run it as a sort of reverse tenebrae service, beginning with darkness, ending in light as people come forward, light candles and offer reflections or silent thanksgiving.

Let me know if you’d like to join us, or have someone you want us to light a candle for.

7 thoughts on “Thanksgiving for the Dead

  1. I’ve been called many things before but never Lutheran 🙂
    I wonder what a Lutheran would make of the experience if they joined us. We’re quite minimalist structure wise. Not being intentionally original (ha, you could take that either way)!


  2. William, when I say minimalist structure I’m serious. We’re providing a context, but the content is highly spontaneous. the service has a liturgical ambiance, with the candles and all, but there is no liturgy per se.


  3. ooh. great idea.
    as a grew-up-in-a-Lutheran-church person, who still considers herself to be somewhat influenced by that heritage… and someone who’s not all that keen on structure… I’d be pretty amped to join in. but alas, I live in another state.
    do light a candle for me, though. I miss my dad, Russell, who slipped into the invisible world about 18 months ago. cheers.


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