Life is messy sometimes…

Interesting things percolating on the home front. Earlier this evening I co-hosted a discussion session for a group of people looking to starting an evangelistic-missional initiative for at-risk youth.

Basically it’s the brain child of a guy from our church who’s a former crim, whose life has been radically transformed since he encountered Jesus some years ago, and who now wants to help kids work through life choises. So far he has gathered together some folks with police, corrective services, prison fellowship and prison experience. We worked through some of the options this evening, trying to bring some focus to the energy, and now it’s on for some more detailed planning. Don’t want to say too much more than that at this stage, but let’s just say, if you know any Christians in the Sydney area who have experience from either side of the law, but who’ve been clean for a while, we’d be interested in hearing from them. Former prostitutes, prisoners, whatever welcome.

Oh, and I just gotta say, some of the stories this evening blew me away and filled me with awe at the way God transforms and empowers people. Please pray that God will empower the group to transform more lifes moving forward.

One thought on “Life is messy sometimes…

  1. May be worthwhile contacting HopeStreet Urban Compassion and Cardinal Freeman Centre Granville about this Matt. There’s a lot of Christians who have been through the stuff you are talking about within those services as clients who would probably find it good to attend as well as share their stories. Know that from working with both NGO’s as a caseworker over the past few decade before going to work with Housing NSW. Also Rough Edges Cafe (St John’s Anglican Darlinghurst) might be worthwhile to network with. Sounds like an interesting project.


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