The Holy Trinity of Liam Neeson

Benjamin Wheatley sent me this image last night: “One Liam in Three Persons” by ninjaink

The artist writes: “As a Catholic, and as a Christian in general, I’m often asked (or told) to explain the nature of the Trinity (one God in 3 Persons). It is a bit of a mystery that takes time and study to completely understand. So I came up with this example, albeit an imperfect one: Liam Neeson. He’s one guy, sure, but if you watch three of his movies at once, he’s ONE Liam, an actor, representing THREE persons… at the SAME TIME! Thank you, Liam Neeson, for helping us to (hopefully) better understand through an imperfect analogy the perfect nature of God.”

Imperfect, ya. Modalism.

Made me laugh though.

2 thoughts on “The Holy Trinity of Liam Neeson

  1. Great example of how good intentions can lead to error. Modalism was thing that came to my mind as I read his paragraph. Funny analogy though


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