“The Protestant doctrine about the justification of sinners, and today’s theology about the liberation of the oppressed, do not have to be antitheses. They can correct and enrich one another mutually. The full and complete Protestant doctrine of justification is a liberation theology: it is about the liberation of people deprived of justice and about the liberation of the unjust, so that they may all be freed for a just society. The one sided limitation to the perpetrators, and the forgiveness of their active sins, has made Protestantism blind to the sufferings of the victims, and to God’s saving option for the poor. Protestantism has underrated the importance of structural sin by looking too exclusively at individuals. But this is a one sided approach.”

Jurgen Moltmann – The Spirit of Life, P128 

One thought on “Theology for sinners and the sinned against

  1. Sin is the mind based presumption and always dramatised action of separation from the Living Divine Reality.
    All beings, not just the humans, require Divine Compassion, Love, and Blessing, the thread of Communion with the Divine made certain and true and directly experienced.
    There is no truly human life without Divine-Communion, or the submission/surrender of the entire conscious and functional being to the Absolute Divine Reality within which it appears, on which it depends completely, even for the next breath.
    Without that Divine Communion, there is no Real humanity, no True Responsibility, and no True freedom. Without Divine Communion the individual is simply an unconscious functional entity living the adventure of pre-patterned functional relations. There is no sacred or Divine plane to his or her awareness.
    Unfortunately everybody, in their collective dreadful sanity, conspires in all kind of ways to keep the collective trance firmly in place.


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