Where do you go for intelligent conservative commentary? For weeks now my solicitor friend Scott has been trying to persuade me on the virtues of the (conservative) Liberal Party and the vices of the (progressive) Labour Party as we draw ever closer to the Australian Federal Election. So far he has convinced me of the latter, but not the former, with the consequence that I am now more likely to vote informal than anything else, much to his horror and exasperation.

Even so, I have found our conversations helpful in clarifying what lines of argument I find more convincing. I am turned off by anything that smells of xenophobia or anti-intellectualism, no matter how subtle. I am also turned off by any form of ethical reasoning that puts the earlier prophets and later apostles on par with Jesus, no matter how well intentioned. That my friend largely avoids these pitfalls is why I find his arguments more compelling than that of his supposed representatives. I would love to hear more Christ centred arguments from conservative Christians but ironically I find they are hard to come by. It leaves me feeling that the religious rhetoric of many politicians is little more than a fig leaf. I do however accept that there are thoughtful, welcoming, conservative Christ-centred Christians out there. I just wish I could find more, whatever their political leanings.

2 thoughts on “Where do you go for intelligent conservative commentary?

  1. I’m with you, Matt! Here in America I am so tired on the rhetorical fig leaves. I have Christian friends both liberal (progressive) and conservative, as well as libertarian. And those voices in each that are reasoned help me sort through the mess. Beside Brad AbbE Sargent and Rick Blind Beggar Meigs, of the MT Instigators, I appreciate Patrick Oden and, especially, Michael Kruse — who blogs at Kruse Kronicle. Anyone who “winds me up” ends up “turning me off”.
    Somehow the progressives out for social justice have to stop demonizing all capitalism in order not to kill the golden-egg laying goose while advocating for effective compassion rather than bold-face coercive socialism.
    The conservatives and Libertarians out to follow the Constitutional system of laws and checks and balances that preserve our freedoms have to show their compassionate heart while remaining fiscally realistic. We must have both/and — we cannot survive the either/or isolation any longer.
    I long for the most balanced from each group to reason together for clear understanding — with no straw men or gross caricatures — of the strengths and weaknesses of each. Then the people will have the information needed to make reasoned decisions. Lord, have mercy!
    I almost wish we had a President from one camp and a vice president from the other camp … as well as an equal number of the top four groups represented in the Cabinet … that could work together and with the Congress.
    Why is that so very unreasonable? There are Jesus-followers in each group….


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