Loaves and Fishes, Minecraft and Glitches

Jesus glitches loaves and fishes

My kids never cease to amaze me. Last weekend we watched an
old Jesus movie for home church. It was based on the gospel of John and I
thought it was as good a way as any for exploring the gospel with my kids and seeing what
came up.

Well, my younger son came up with a classic. When we got to the scene
where Jesus feeds the five thousand in the desert he exclaimed, “Hey, Jesus is
glitching food!” which of course had my other son rolling in laughter.

What they were referencing was Minecraft PE, a popular video game that my sons
absolutely love. More specifically, they were referencing the fact that you can cheat the system if one player places resources, like food, in a storage chest and two players then try to take it out at the same time. One loaf of bread in, two loaves of bread out. That’s what they call glitching.

With them having made that link I thought, hey, there’s even more potential to share the gospel with boys their age using minecraft art. Minecraft grabs their attention much more than movies. Hence the above image. It’s my first, somewhat rushed attempt at Minecraft Jesus art. I call it “Jesus glitches loaves and fishes” as a hat tip to my son. I found they loved it and had them talking about Jesus and opening up their imaginations for a while afterwards, which has encouraged me to experiment further. For anyone else with ten year olds out there, feel free to use, but let me know how it went afterwards. Feedback from kids their age is most welcome.

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