Jesus healing, Ethiopian style

Jesus Heals the Blind Man - unknown ethipian artist

“Jesus Heals the Blind Man” by an unknown Ethiopian artist.

I sourced this from Sacred Pilgrim where you will find more Ethiopian Christian Art. It’s a real treasure trove. Unfortunately I couldn’t find who the artist was.

I find Ethiopian Christianity intriguing as it’s an example of Christianity that survived for millenia beyond the Christendom known to Europeans. You may recall from the book of Acts that an Ethiopian official was an early convert to Christianity. What may we learn from them I wonder?

One thought on “Jesus healing, Ethiopian style

  1. Ethiopian Christian art is a wonderful, truly African contribution to global Christianity. And as you said, it has an ancient history quite unconnected to the development of Christian art traditions that developed in the West.
    It would be fun to do analysis of key Ethiopian Christian art pieces and see what it says about Ethiopian indigenous theology.


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