American Christian Bible Devotion

Restoration by Edwin Lester
“Restoration” by Edwin Lester

What is your response to this image? It kinda reminds me of Loki’s colour change when he first realised he was a Frost Giant in the first Thor movie, but I doubt that was the artist’s intent. Instead I gather it is expressing the experience of restoration through the Bible, but it seems a wee bit close to Bibliolatry for me to feel fully comfortable with it. Then again, maybe that’s just my Australian sensibilities. So I would be interested what Americans have to say about it, particularly if there are any black Americans here. What impact does this image of Bible devotion have on you?

2 thoughts on “American Christian Bible Devotion

  1. Not black, but American. And I too feel a bit weird about the pic. It does have some feel of bibliotry, but that may not be the main image.
    I wonder if the artist is trying to say that the Bible restores not just their soul, but their “color”? I know many dark-skinned Christians in other countries who see the Bible as more representative of their culture than of the dominate “white Christian” culture. Maybe something like that is the message?


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