One thought on “Visions of a Celtic Madonna

  1. I love the expression in Marys face. To me it reads, “I am exhausted and tired, but don´t mess with my child. I will defend it and God is with me”.
    That is how she must have felt. Becoming pregnant with no man involved by word of God, but not knowing where this would lead. She must have had doubts but Elisabeth “blessed you Mary” reassured her.
    Just as she is waiting to give birth, Caesar Augustus issued a decree and she had to go to Bethlehem. A more then 100 miles journey on a donkeys back. And when they got there, there was no room for them in the hostels so she had to sleep in a stable. No chairs, no bed, just dirt and straw. And there she gave birth to the son of God. Again she was reassured by the shepards and the magi. But then they had to flee because Herodes wanted Jesus dead.
    Mary had all reasons to have that expression on her face.


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