Culture gaps and God’s call for the church

If you’re church is WASPish even though you live in a multicultural area then you have a culture gap. It’s as simple as that.

You may not feel it personally but clearly others do. Don’t assume it’s just non-whites feeling that gap either. Whites more cosmopolitan than you are probably feeling it too. They’re just not as immediately visible as missing from your congregation.

Having been called to go and disciple to all nations together, as church, we are not honouring God’s great commission if we fail to engage the nations in our own neighbourhood. Faith calls us to commit to the nations next door and to share our way of life and teachings in culturally accessible ways. That means learning to take the seed of gospel from your cultural soil and sow it in theirs without bringing your dirt along with it. It’s not easy but it is what faith requires of us. God has gifted people in your midst to equip you if you have the ears to hear.

The vision of Revelation 22 is not of a Jesus monoculture but of a multicultural city of God. The culture of your neighbours is not to be left behind but to be gathered in for the glory of God.

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