God is who God is

I wrote this in response to some questions about God, time, evolution, and suffering.


I believe in an evolving creation, in a Creator who’s creativity is eternal.

God’s first creative act was to create time, so it is meaningless of speak of the passage of time before the moment of creation or of a time in which God came to be. God just is who God is. God is not made of any ‘thing’ because God created all things. There was literally no thing in the beginning. God is no thing but it is through God that all things came into being.

How can God comprehend our weakness, our pain, our ignorance, our suffering? By becoming one of us. By taking on our flesh. By suffering and dying on a cross.

How can we advance in godliness? By growing in love and faithfulness, by focusing on the love and faithfulness of God, particularly as displayed in the life, death, and resurrection of God incarnate.

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