Celtic rites for Glastonbury

Came across this thru Wild Hunt Blog.

“AN Anglican and a Roman Catholic bishop are to attend the Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts, which begins next week. The Bishop of Clifton, the Rt Revd Declan Lang, and the Bishop of Bath & Wells, the Rt Revd Peter Price, will be at the festival on Sunday 24 June.

About 177,000 people are expected. The gates open next Wednesday, and the festival starts on Friday.

During the week, Celtic eucharists of earth, fire, air, and water will be celebrated in the “Healing Fields” zone. The eucharists — developed by the Revd Adrian Prior-Sankey, a Baptist minister, and the Revd Mark Bond, an Anglican priest — were part of an effort by Christians to be present among the hundreds of faiths, cults, and beliefs that would be represented on the multi-acre site, Mr Prior-Sankey said last week.”

See the rest of the news article, Celtic rites for Glastonbury, here.

I was pleased to see Wild Hunt identifies a member of our group as amongst those wanting “to understand and build trust in hope for better relations (and eventually conversions)” with NeoPagans.

5 thoughts on “Celtic rites for Glastonbury

  1. Steve Hollinghurst has gone to Glastonbury too, there are a number of different Christian groups there attracting the same kinds of critisism that many creative programmes and initiatives do. Please pray for them this weekend.


  2. In Denmark “In the Master’s Light”, a bridge building ministry between Church and the new spiritualities has worked seasonal worship at the so-called eight sabbaths – and have just celebrated summer solsitice in the alternative part of Copenhagen called Christiania, and are going to have a similar service at Holistic Summer Camp. We find symbols of the four elements walking through nature, built the alter with symbols and celebrate the Eucharist as a healing and transformation of creation. Nice to read about like minded ministries.
    Blessings, Ole Skjerbæk Madsen


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