While Jesus was in one of the towns, a man came along who was covered with leprosy. When he saw Jesus, he fell with his face to the ground and begged him, “Lord, if you are willing, you can make me clean.” Jesus reached out his hand and touched the man. “I am willing,” he said. “Be clean!” And immediately the leprosy left him.

Whenever I read this story I am prompted to consider, who are the untouchables in my community? Over the years I have found many Christians recoil at my associations with Pagans and occultists. Its as though Pagans have spiritual leprosy, that they’re demonically contageous. I find this response rather curious in light of the life of Jesus. His practice was to touch the untouchables.

Who are the untouchables in your community?

6 thoughts on “Who are your untouchables?

  1. That’s an easy question. The answer is glaring… The lepers of the 21st century are the poor, the mentally ill, the addicted and of late the Muslim people…
    There is a fear and rejection of Muslims evident in our society in Australia.
    I am ashamed of many Christians… their ignorance regarding the situation in Palestine.
    The blind devotion to Zionism and approval of genocidal practices on the Palestinians. All in the name of Jesus… who btw has not said Zion is a land but a spiritual family.
    I would like to see you do some article on this if pos. Appreciate your blog and the artwork And all the time u give it.
    It is rotten tough being a christian… becaue of the people who say they are believers but really they couldnt give a toss about anyone but themselves and their safe little worlds… They are the true lepers – bloated on self righteousness


  2. Good observation, Matt.
    It seems that the spiritual, outside of the focus on one man within one meaning, is the intense shadow of Christianity.
    One wonders if the Light went into that deep shadow of the Christian soul, what would it find?
    It’s not about spiritual reality outside of Christianity, but what is inside the individual Christian.
    God is All. Why are we afraid of Creation?


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