Apples for Apples

reconciledThis image, Reconciled, is from The Parable Collection at The Journey’s Project. Artist comments:

God and man’s nature collide creating a world in desperate need of “a Savior”.

Reconciled The story of Adam and Eve tells about their apple-eating defiance in the Garden of Eden. Whether this Biblical account actually occurred or is written metaphorically is not the debate here. The story pits God’s magnificent plan for mankind against the human desire to be in control and a belief that we, somehow, will come up with an even better plan. For us now, as it did for Adam and Eve, this leads to arrogance, lacks in humility and finds us separated for eternity from God as we go our way instead of His. Can this ever be reconciled? Yes, but only when we turn from going our own way and turn back to His?

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