Activist Robotics

Well, it looks like the military aren’t the only ones getting into robotics. Now activists are getting into the high tech action.

Pamphleteer: A Propaganda Robot for Cultural Resistance

“This paper presents research findings based on performance evaluation of Pamphleteer, a propaganda robot which automates the often dangerous practice of distributing subversive literature to the public. In field tests, Pamphleteer consistently out-performed human activists in quantity, scope, and efficiency, and also scored significantly higher on the cuteness / obnoxious scale (COS).”

“…the privatization of public space has had a chilling effect on activist communications. As malls replace marketplaces and parking lots replace parks, distributing unsanctioned information is becoming an increasingly high-risk endeavor. Once protected by free-speech laws, activists now face fines, imprisonment, and bodily harm for distributing literature on what had previously been considered public property.”

“In response to this need, the Institute for Applied Autonomy undertook the development of a robotic solution which automated the often dangerous practice of disseminating subversive literature to the public.”

See here for the video

Now, for those of you who might be interested in some peace activism, here are some Australian organisations with miltary robotics ties:

  • Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO)
  • General Dynamics
  • University of Adelaide
  • University of Western Australia (Robotics and Automation Laboratory, Adaptive Systems Research Group)
  • Flinders University (Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems Laboratories)
  • Edith Cowan University (Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering Cluster)
  • Thales Australia (D3S&A, Naval Division)
  • ILLIARC Pty Ltd. Strategic Engineering (An Australian robotics company specialising in advanced sensing, vision systems, autonomous vehicles, industrial robotics and field robotic platforms)
  • Pacific Security & Environmental Solutions
  • Numinance Pty Ltd
  • LaTrobe University
  • University of New South Wales

  • University of Western Sydney

Feel free to take action. Oh, and the politician we need to look out for locally is Greg Combet, Australia’s Minister for Defense Personnel, Materiel and Science. Have a read of the military robotics challenge he helped launch.

2 thoughts on “Activist Robotics

  1. Oh, GREAT.
    The idiots from the Wilderness society in koala suits collecting buckets of money weren’t enough of a pain in the rear end? Now I’ve got to get past the Freakin’ ROBOTS! And they never need to sleep, go to the loo or run and hide from a German Shepherd!
    I guess I just won’t visit uni campuses anymore . . . .


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