2 thoughts on “Dallas Willard on the Christian message

  1. Meanwhile according to Wiki there are now over 30,000 different Christian denominations, sects and sub-sects. Which necessarily means that there are many different and conflicting claims as to what the message of Christianity is.
    Many of which would disagree with your interpretation and that of Dallas Willard.
    And even in some cases, and for one reason or another, the alleged authority of the Bible too. Especially if they have done their homework re the findings of modern scholarship re the origins, and essentially political purposes of what became the “official” Bible.
    Matthew Fox for instance.


  2. John, it is easy for non-Christians over-estimate the significance of denominational diversity. For the most part demoninational differences are over secondary issues (such as church structure and the finer points of theology), not primary issues (such as who Jesus is and what he did). This is evidenced by the fact that (1) the vast bulk of the denominations you refer to all affirm the Nicene Creed and the New Testament scriptures behind them and (2) many denominations co-operate with one another in missions and other activities. In fact, you will see evidence of this on this very blog, with Orthodox, Catholic and various breeds of Protestant Christians mutually encouraging one another in their journeys with Jesus. Yes, there is sometimes disagreement, sometimes strong disagreement, but we agree over more important things than we disagree over.
    Moreover, Christianity is hardly unique in its diversity. Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, these all have multiple schools. As one day I expect Adidam will, if it survives more than a few centures over a few cultures. Indeed, denominational diversity gives voice to the multi-cultural and multi-era adaptability of Christianity. As for modern scholarship, I’m fully conversant with that, but find it intriguing you seem so positive about it, given you’re suggestion that diversity is a fatal blow. For few are as divided amongst themselves over the essentials as the so-called Jesus Seminar scholars. If I take your logic to its logical conclusion they should be dismissed out of hand.


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