3 thoughts on “Easter FAIL!

  1. Matt, the veneration of the Easter bunny even my many of our churches (just heard of one that rented a helicopter to drop plastic easter eggs on their community) so I must confess I think this is very apt. Have a friend whose brother hosts an Easter bunny BBQ on Easter Sunday – it is becoming quite a popular event in his area


  2. I really like this image, it sums up a lot I was trying to say in my post on Friday – http://theomessenger.blogspot.com/2011/04/crucify-rabbit-jesus-easter-dissolution.html I think that the pagan imagery of fertility has been lost to consumer messages, let alone the Christian symbolism which is either tagged on or omitted all together. I’ve always found easter kind of nebulous because of the lack of symbolic foundation, now-days I’m trying to create and seek symbols and ritual that mean something to me, like passover.


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