Piper says God talk doesn’t cut it anymore

JOHN PIPER TO RICK WARREN: “This is a very theocentric emphasis here, as oppose to Christocentric. So my question is would you, I ask this question because it was asked to me at The Gospel Coalition panel the other night, has your Godcentric message become more or less Christocentric, or Christ oriented? I told the story of how in the last 10 years or so, I have felt impulses in me, partly because of what I’ve seen in the Scripture as the cross being the center of everything and party because of the Islamic influences in the world. God talk doesn’t cut it anymore.”

Wow. I’m very intrigued and encouraged by this comment, coming as it does from the heart of the Reformed stream. Does anyone know where to get the rest of this transcript?

3 thoughts on “Piper says God talk doesn’t cut it anymore

  1. I think it is very important now to talk in Christocentric terms when talking about our faith with others. We believe that Jesus is the Son of God, the true Messiah come in answer to OT prophecy, and should not be reduced to just being a prophet like Mohammed. Yes He is a prophet, but he is also so much more – God the Son, Messiah, Teacher, Saviour, the Word incarnate, a member of the Trinity etc etc.


  2. “Reformed” by who?
    Self confessed sinners are intrinsically incapable of “reforming” anything. Or put in another way, of creating a religion which is not an extension of their own benighted sinfulness.
    Perhaps we could understand the benighted world view promoted by Piper if we substituted the word PREY for prayer.


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