two ways of doing mission

What are the assumptions underlying each model?

What are the implications of each model?

Which is the more common amongst western Christians?

Which is the more Christ centered?

9 thoughts on “Which is the more Christ Centered?

  1. I reckon that if the church is truly the body of Christ and living up to the calling to which it has been called the apparent dilemma goes away pretty much. Unfortunately we maintain its institutional nature to the detriment of the calling.


  2. I think the mannerisms of the church determines which model is more Christ-centered. If the church is true, pious, and active in faith, that that may be the more Christ-centered. Showing your faith, practicing your faith, is important in spreading the word of God.


  3. Very interesting question, as it raises a lot of metaquestions as well, such as what are the assumptions behind the two drawings, and the decision to represent two models (and only two), and to represent them in that particular way.
    And then how do you interpret the drawings?
    The second, it seems to me, represents the Western evangelistic crusade model. An itinerant evangelist hits town, sets up a tent, has a series of evangelisting meetings in which people are invited (or pressured, depending on the evangelist’s style) to accept Jesus as their “personal saviour”, and then advised to select a “church of your choice” from the smorgasbord of offerings of competing clubs in a consumer society.
    The first is a more organic one, of introducing a person to a community of people who follow Jesus, and seeing that there is something different about that community, and coming to realise that the different is who that community follows, namely Jesus Christ.
    There are other possible interpretations, but that’s the one that occurred to me first.


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