Unimpressed by the Dhammapada

Not overly impressed by the Dhammapada … which I finally got around to finishing this evening. Very repetitive. Lots of do bad and you’ll be damned, do good and you’ll be blessed kind of stuff. Like the book of Proverbs without the essential grace aspect. Not nearly as interesting as the Mūlamadhyamakakārikā by Nagarjuna.

I suppose that says something kinda interesting about myself. I still find Zen fascinating, even though I moved onto Christianity some time ago. But I have to wonder how much of this is due to its Taoist roots over its Buddhist roots. For I continually find Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu and Sun Tzu arresting but my eyes start glazing over with some Mahayana texts, and even more so with some Theravada texts. They’re not as playful or paradoxical.

I like teaching that messes with my mind. Which is why I like Jesus so much too.

2 thoughts on “Unimpressed by the Dhammapada

  1. depends which translation you use …. i personally find the theravada buddhist texts extremely clear and understandable, plus the eightfold path is very straightforward and easy to walk on. each to their own though


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